Welcome to Dooley & Associates, LLC. Dooley Orange
We are a creative, quirky, and fun crew who like to LOL! We take pride in taking time to review trends and be at the top of our game. We are a dedicated group of creative personalities that come together to bring fresh ideas to the marketing world.

Our passion is helping people. Our talent is marketing. Our mission is to provide your business with custom strategies that set you apart from your competition. We identify that success is a direct result of an experienced marketing team mutually working to attain objectives that are affordable and that reinforce client and customer conceptions. Since our passion is helping people, we’re not price driven, we’re people driven. Seeing our clients succeed and grow is our greatest success.
We’re active in the community and knowing what makes communities successful is our goal. We don’t just network; we create lasting relationships that allow us to give back. We help to create world-class communities that are safer, stronger, and filled with opportunity.

We opened our bright orange door in 2008, coincidentally a day before founder Jen Dooley’s 30th birthday, and have been growing ever since. In 2011, we sprouted roots in Kenosha when we opened our second office there. We are founded on the principles of growth, prosperity, and marketing for everyone; and we aren’t going anywhere. We want to be part of your marketing team for the next 30 years or longer…that’s right, past Jen Dooley’s retirement.


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