Finding Your Way With Search Engine Optimization

Navigating Your Way On the Path to Digital Business Success
It used to be so easy.
All a business had to do was put an ad in the yellow pages and wait for customers to start calling. Or perhaps an advertisement in the local daily newspaper. Maybe a little blurb on radio.
Those are still great resources for creating your brand and getting your name out there. But research has shown that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is now the most effective way to generate new customers. The largest percentage of people go first to Google, Bing, or Yahoo in their effort to locate your business or service.
Some industry insiders state that by developing an overall content marketing strategy, you could increase your blog traffic by as much as 2000%. Your business could realize a 40% increase in revenue directly traceable to the strategy you put in place to market your business.
Here at Dooley & Associates we pride ourselves in creating great, user-friendly websites for our business customers. We appreciate that many of you are more interested in the end product than you are in the geeky, behind-the-scenes, technical requirements that will result in your website being seen by more potential customers. We get that. That is why we employ experts in both design and in the more technical fields, like Search Engine Optimization.
In a recent blog Search Engine Journal stated that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. That means your business will go largely ignored on the internet if you don’t have a strong, effective content marketing strategy that employs SEO in a meaningful and productive way.
Dooley & Associates uses cutting edge technology to monitor your site’s SEO status. We use tools that keep our ability to analyze keyword performance at the forefront of emerging trends and developments in the industry. These tools enable us to see how we are doing with enhancing your site’s position on search engines.
It’s a brave new world out there and only those businesses that are courageous enough to delve into the latest and best systems available to them will reach their full potential. You have ideas and a wealth of information about the products and services you offer. Contact us today to put together an online content marketing strategy that gives your business the full exposure it deserves.