Our Story

Ever since Jennifer Dooley was a child, orange has been a color that has resonated passion, excitement, and fun in her life. Some orange inspirations include her lifelong cheesehead state residency status, a beloved stuffed monkey named Chirpie who wore an orange shirt, the Dukes of Hazard Challenger, a teenage obsession with Minutemaid orange soda, her cat lovingly named Orange during college, and, last but not least, her longtime appreciation for citrus vodka. There is no doubt that Jennifer’s passion for everything orange originated when Dooley & Associates was but a dream.
When it came to picking the logo and name of Dooley & Associates we can’t say that process was easy. In the end, though, the biggest equity Jennifer had going into her business was the Dooley name. In her first seven years in the Kenosha community, Dooley had become synonymous with marketing — which was ultimately the best choice to include in the name. From there the month-long logo development process began with Jennifer’s dear friend, Jen Vargas Tobon, exchanging ideas. After some weeks of brainstorming, Jennifer got a call from Jen that she became inspired while at work that day and would have a concept over shortly. That evening the Dooley flower was born!
It wasn’t that simple though. For those of you who know Jennifer well, you know that her style can be very "girly-girl". The first version of the Dooley logo was actually a bold magenta pink… until the gentlemen in her life saw it. When they told Jennifer it was nice but they would never be caught sporting it on a hat or polo shirt, that was a red (or orange) flag. Jennifer knew that Dooley & Associates would not be made up of women alone, and converting to a gender neutral color was a must. Orange was the obvious choice!
Now there’s rarely a day you’ll see Jennifer without a hint or more of orange in her wardrobe. From orange purses to sweaters and skirts, Jennifer’s closet shines a little brighter than most with all of that orange! 
We share this story so you understand that brands aren’t born overnight. They are rooted in much more than a single image, color, or product. The best brands have a story and history that is consistent yet evolves just as the company does. The Dooley flower reflects the growth we bring to businesses through great marketing. The specific choice of the lily has dual meanings, reflected in both the orange and black of our logo. The modern meaning for orange is passion and the rare black lily is chic and elegant, reflecting our talented team.