Award-Winning Design

Our client, Boys & Girls Club, is receiving a MAC Award for Advertising! In 2011 we designed a 24-page special section tabloid that was inserted into the Kenosha News in celebration of the grand opening of the 80,000 square foot new club in Kenosha. Our president, Jennifer Dooley, is thrilled to be traveling to the national conference in San Diego next month where the award is being presented. This award serves as a good reminder that a consistent brand and message can go a long way. As Boys & Girls Club's marketing team, we not only keep consistent the local brand we've developed for them, but we also must adhere to the national organization guidelines. We believe all successful companies thrive more with a solid brand. As the keeper of your own brand, you must always keep in mind the guidelines you set, why you set them, and how they will help to give you a solid, consistent, bold and unique presence in the advertising world.