The Biggest Social Media Misconception Is...

The key to success is to hire a young student and give him/her full reign of your company social media.
It's hard not to cringe when we hear, "Yes, we have the intern doing that." Unless your intern has been educated on how to set up business social media accounts and clearly understands your mission and brand we don't recommend giving the keys to your social media to someone based on age. There is a big difference between a "young" person having 1,000 friends on Facebook and your company having 1,000 fans on Facebook. In most instances, the circle of friends your intern has is not the same group of consumers your business targets.
The fastest growing population on social media is 55+, so it's essential that the person writing your messages understands how to speak to your target generation and what terms they will recognize.
Keep in mind that once a post is made live it cannot be taken back. It can be instantly deleted, but if someone is not monitoring an intern constantly that could lead to severe damage to your reputation. We are in the immediate information age. The wrong post set live for 10 minutes can be seen by hundreds if not thousands of viewers.
Don't get us wrong, there are amazingly talented young professionals who are leading the way in social media for business. We just recommend that before you hand over these responsibilities, you give that intern or person (of any age) a thorough orientation on your company's brand, message, social media goals and parameters. Taking the time to do this is a huge investment in the success of your social footprint.
Finally, it is essential to document every social media account login and password in a very safe place. Once a student graduates, and your company has become a brief pit stop on his road to success, do not expect him to maintain your account information. Your login and passwords to all accounts are the keys to your online front door. Without access you may never be able to get back in and could find yourself homeless and starting over.