Check Out Team Dooley's Super Bowl Picks!

At Dooley & Associates, we have some strong opinions about the commercials featured during this year's Super Bowl game. The game day ads are much like watching the championship of marketing for creatives like us. There's nothing quite like seeing 10 million dollars spent on a 60-second advertising spot and imagining the creative energy behind the message. Some advertisers nail it on the head and others leave us wondering... will that ad sell anything? 
Companies investing in Super Bowl advertising use very creative ploys to market themselves and plant their brand in the viewing audience's collective memory. The creatives behind these messages are the best at what they do. They know their audience and they have great confidence they can craft a message that is appropriate, memorable and will stand out from the competition.
Sometimes they succeed and other times, well, you be the judge.
If the big game inspired your company or organization to prioritize your marketing in 2016 we would love to discuss how we might be able to quarterback those efforts. Contact us today!
Here are our picks for 2016:

Anthony: TOYOTA
Throughout the spot, the camera zooms in and out and makes you feel like you are watching a live chase. Then what happens? They incorporate how fast society gravitates to something and it becomes a viral moment that people are talking about. You see people at bars glued to the chase, standing on highway bridges with signs, talk shows talking to excited Prius owners and kids ecstatic to receive them as toy cars.
I think what they were trying to do was elevate the brand among men. Demonstrate to them that the Prius is a suitable car for them to show off to their buddies, be a family car, and yet has some muscle under the hood. 

Kendra: AUDI
As each of us age, we will have to deal with the fact that, sadly, our parents and/or grandparents are aging and that, sometimes, they get lost in the past. I have watched my grandmother, now almost 100 years old, slip away into confusion and sometimes the only way to bring her back is to talk about her life when she was younger - it grounds her and gives her focus.
I love that the Audi Commander commercial speaks to that. Audi did an excellent job reminding us that a little joy (and a little patience) goes a long way. 

My favorite commercial was the Hyundai "First Date" commercial with Kevin Hart. While I can't directly associate with what he is going through as a father watching his daughter go on a first date, friends of mine and I have joked about this exact scenario happening when their daughters start dating.
The in your face and obnoxious style of comedy of Kevin Hart clearly was the focal point of the commercial but I thought that Hyundai used his presence well to communicate the features of the new Hyundai Genesis.

Janel and Ron: DORITO'S
It was so funny and so totally accurate. Mom is annoyed, dad is clueless etc. The commercial was edgy and a little uncomfortable.  I thought it was hilarious and totally predictable that the baby was going to launch out!!! 
This commercial was the one that generated the most conversation both upon seeing it and in post-game conversations. It was clever, funny and just a little bit edgy. I think it did what the marketing gurus at Doritos hoped it would.

There were multiple commercials that I liked however the one that stood out to me was the commercial for Death Wish Coffee by Intuit.
What I loved what how Intuit showcased their commitment and abilities to help small businesses succeed by giving one that would otherwise never be able to afford a spot during the super bowl, a chance to shine. It was a simple, elegant, and powerful message.

How could I not choose Shock Top?!  I mean really, a heckling orange in a bar talking smack to T.J. Miller?  
It was a recipe for some good laughs and has lasting brand power every time the Shock Top "Wedgehead" tapper is seen in a bar going forward.  #goorange

Over 111.9 million viewers tuned in to watch the Super Bowl this year, and let’s be honest - many of those viewers were more interested in the halftime show and the ads than the game itself. It is the most receptive audience you can ask for when making a TV commercial. And while many major brands flexed their marketing budget to push their products, there were a couple that took the spotlight off themselves and pointed it a different issue instead. I applaud Budweiser and Colgate for their powerful messages regarding drunk driving and water conservation. I know they made me stop in my tracks. I hope that these ads made other people stop and think as well.

John: JEEP
This commercial was very personal to me, because it is a reflection of my own personal life philosophy: that life is a collection of experiences and that we ought to push oursevles to experience as much of life as possible. A kind of sacred duty we owe for being given this awesome opportunity. 
The commercial speaks to the desire - the urge - to experience life in all of its permutations: war and pain; travel and wonder; invention and triumph; friendship and joy; loneliness and fortitude; destiny and comfort. We listen and watch as were given a story that is told through many, but is heard within each of us. An uncompromising portrait of the pains and the joys of experience. 
Jeep should be credited for creating this work of art and for associating its product to a core human truth: that the experiences we choose to live become the memories that write our story. Do we want to live quietly and meekly? Or do we want to suck the marrow out of life? Jeep has clearly chosen the later.