Check out Team Dooley's Super Bowl Picks!

How do you feel after the big game? Congratulations to Eagles fans everywhere on the fight to the finish.
At Dooley & Associates we are buzzing about the big game - not so much about the players - instead we’re chattering nonstop about the commercials! The game day ads are our opportunity to watch the championship of marketing for creatives. We can all admit that there's nothing quite like seeing five million dollars spent on a 30-60-second advertising spot and imagining the creative energy behind the message. Some advertisers nail it on the head and others leave us wondering... will that ad sell anything?
The bottom line is that companies investing in Super Bowl advertising use every creative ploy to market themselves and plant their brand in the viewers collective memory. The creatives behind these messages are the best at what they do. They know their audience and they have great confidence they can craft a message that is appropriate, memorable and will stand out from the competition.
Some of us just can’t keep our favorites to ourselves! Check out our top picks.

Jen: Tide
“So, does this make every Super Bowl ad a Tide ad?” asked “Stranger Things” celebrity David Harbour. This truly brilliant campaign provoked viewers into thinking of Tide no matter which commercial came on last night. Tide mocked all of the traditional advertisements we’ve grown so accustomed to seeing during the Super Bowl from fast cars to cheesy insurance agents to cowboys and, of course, hot people at a beach party. Every ad started to make us feel like it could be a Tide advertisement.

John: Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice
Thought this was a great year overall - some really creative stuff. The Tide ad is probably still my fav - especially for brand recall - but it has already been stolen by Jen. So I’ve gotta go with Doritos and Mountain Dew. First, great product synergy. Second, Busta Rhymes & Missy Elliot! Third, Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage! But then you have Morgan Freeman voicing Missy Elliot. I mean, come on. Ridiculously entertaining. And let’s not forget the amazing production value. I know the next snack I’m grabbing ;)

Derek: Budweiser
While I’m a fan of the old Bud frogs, the Miller High Life one second commercial and Bud Light’s Dilly Dilly, Budweiser continues a more heartfelt feel for their Super Bowl ads. Highlighting how they donate water to disaster areas shows the good that they do and the impact that they have for those in need. It’s something most people, myself included, didn’t realize that they did.

Janel: Amazon Alexa
All of these actors’ voices are iconic and funny. Seeing this is exactly what everyone jokes about while using Alexa. Alexa was saying exactly what you’d hope she’d say once in a while!

Kendra: NFL Touchdown Celebrations
This spot had me laughing from almost the start. It such an iconic movie scene for my generation that watching football players reenact it was amusing, to say the least. As a commercial for the 2018 season, I thought it was pretty attention grabbing. Even for a person who doesn’t really watch football much. The only other ad that had me smile as much was “DJ Nana” for Etrade - another clever commercial!

Honorable Mention: Most Inspiring
The Olympics brought it with truly inspirational athlete storytelling!

Dishonorable Mention: Turbo Tax
Ewe, just ewe! Why would you associate your brand with a giant under the bed booger creature?