Cheers to Six Years of Success!

Wowza, we turned six yesterday. In honor of this very momentous occasion I have decided it’s time to reflect on six of the keys to our success!
1. Failure is not – and never should be – an option.
Sure, things might not go as planned, but that means you find a better way. Period.
2. Surround yourself with talent.
Those that are truly talented will keep you in check and challenge you to be better than you dreamed you could be. Thank you to my talented crew that doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear and makes everyday fun!
3. Don’t be afraid to push back and always know the trends.
The best leaders don’t always agree with clients, and the highest level of creativity comes out of pushing boundaries.
4. Leave your drama at the door.
We all have it, but there’s an appropriate time to address it with those who need to know it. If I ever vent on you, know it’s because I trust you. Ask my mom (she’s my nonjudgmental rock)!
5. Be politically correct.
No matter the size of a town, it’s small, so know your place and be selective on how you choose to leverage your status.
6. By all means, play as hard as you work!
It’s about the journey, and part of that is celebrating all the wins.
I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and loyalty to Dooley & Associates. The best part of my job is being part of your success and today I raise my glass to you!
Jen Dooley