Collaboration is Key

Yesterday we got to spend the afternoon with Boys & Girls Club staff from all over the state of Wisconsin for round table marketing discussions! It was so exciting to speak to this group and then share ideas on how clubs are utilizing marketing resources to share their message with the community. 
When we got to the topic of social media it was also amazing to see who had embraced it and who was still on the fence. We have to admit the demographic was actually unexpected...there were Gen X & Y's in the room who seemed skeptical of the influence. Then we shut off the lights and shared the Social Media Revolution 3 video by Erik Qualman. The video was met with wow's & whoa's and our hope is that when the skeptics left the room they better understood the impact of social media and will bring the message of a need for a social footprint back to their respective clubs. 
All in all, as our world quickly becomes a global society we must stay in tune with not only technology, but collaborations. When we share ideas and solutions we create a society that succeeds together. We may have been the ones doing most of the speaking yesterday afternoon, but we can certainly say we walked away with more ideas than we walked in with, as well as some new Boys & Girls Club of Wisconsin friends.