Consistency Matters!

New clients come to Dooley & Associates stating that their marketing efforts are not consistently driving sales. Often, that is because they aren't running any of their efforts consistently and purposefully.  If a marketing tactic doesn't provide instant gratification, the knee jerk reaction is usually to quit doing it or too quickly deviate to the next shiny tactic.  
Investing in a consistent and purposeful content strategy is essential for your SEO, brand building and overall sales strategy.  Every month, the Dooley & Associates team diligently puts together an e-newsletter to showcase recent work, community involvement and pass on valuable industry insights to our clients and prospective clients.  Clients ask Jen how much time our e-newsletter takes to produce, and she usually responds with a chuckle, "A LOT, because I'm a content perfectionist."
We have a recent example where this came full circle for Dooley & Associates. A few years back, we met with a prospective client in Illinois that decided to pursue working with a local Illinois firm. We could have easily written off the opportunity to work together, but we kept them on our email communication list. Last month our contact from the company reached out with a very small project and said she’d like to try working with us, because she has been continually impressed with our monthly communication. That one small project last month lead to 15 additional hours of work this month, and what appears to be many more new opportunities to follow.
If we allow ourselves to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks in our organization, we can forget about the big picture. When it comes to prioritizing your marketing there should be a consistent plan and strategy that is diligently executed versus running from one promotion to the next without any reflection on the results and adjustments for the future.
How do you guarantee consistency?

  • Create an annual marketing plan and budget.
  • Develop a content calendar that will serve as a constant reference and guarantee that you don’t forget an important promotion.
  • Create communication that specifically adds value to current clients.
  • Have a strategy to keep in communication with prospective clients and showcase your expertise or production on a regular basis.
  • Monitor how your audience is interacting with your strategy.

If you’re a part of an organization that is struggling to develop a consistent marketing strategy, Dooley & Associates would love the opportunity to serve as your outsourced marketing partner.