Content Marketing Is the New Orange

Content marketing isn’t new. In fact it has been around since SEO has been called SEO. What’s new is that Google is ready to make search rankings more legit, focusing on content marketing instead of allowing keyword stuffing.
The next generation of Penguin is finally here. No, not the species, the Google update. To put it in simple terms, Penguin 2.0 is a tweak to the previous algorithm updates and is a more comprehensive and deeper targeting update that is aimed at explicit black hat techniques.
You’re probably thinking, what in the world are black hat techniques? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Think of them as underhanded magic tricks that Google is ready to put the kibosh on. Black hat techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, and hidden text. Websites that have employed these sneaky techniques are the ones that will be the most affected by this update.
Scared as to how this will impact your site rankings? Have no fear. As long as you haven’t been using any of the above techniques, your site is safe. There might be some fluctuation in search rankings while Google is ironing out their update, but ultimately there is no impending apocalypse for websites with any integrity.
SEO efforts need to be well written, in a way that should be captivating for people to read, not just computers. Gone are the days when you can stuff keywords like “pizza Chicago” into an article. It has to flow more naturally and fit a broader spectrum of results like, “Best pizza in North Chicago.” To take it the next step further, an article like this would need to discuss unique and beneficial things about the topic, like “Unique Health Benefits of Eating Pizza” or “Gluten Free Pizza Becoming More Popular” in order to see ranking benefits.
Since we provide SEO services, it’s our job to know what’s going on. We understand this is a difficult topic that can be hard to follow. That’s why we’re here to help and walk you through ways to make sure Penguin 2.0 doesn’t negatively affect your website.
The time and effort you put into your content marketing will only help your site rankings in the long run. Give us a call at 262.925.4769 if you have any further questions or concerns, or you want a hand with your SEO.