Creating Fans for a Lifetime

Our office was full of Packer fans yesterday. Now after the Packers Tailgate Tour, our office is full of fans that are dedicated to the Packers for life.
The Packers are the perfect example of an organization that not only understands giving back, but also utilizes its fame to make the world a better place. The Packers touched our hearts on a deeper level yesterday. They came to our Boys & Girls Club simply to help spotlight our cause and thank us for what we do. The tour is not about them; it’s about everyday people in Wisconsin thriving to make the communities they live in great.
If you were there, you were able to witness seven of them answering questions for the crowd, high-fiving the Club’s kids, and signing autographs for all 750 attendees.
If you weren’t there, you already know Wisconsinites have a deeply rooted connection to their Packers. What you may not have known was their passion and commitment to this great state and all of its worthy causes.
But now you know, and so do we. #PackerFansForLife