Dooley & Associates SEO Audits Help Your Business Succeed

Moving up on that first page of Google searches is the digital goal of many businesses. Making sure you are not just listed, but listed correctly, on important citation sources (directories) is equally important.
Why do you rank where you do?
Assessing why you rank where you do and what you can do about it is complicated. It requires an in-depth analysis of what you have been doing and a strong understanding of what you need to do to enhance your position. These are the tools you need to allow you to develop a game plan to outperform your competition.
The Audit Process
A detailed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audit is a proven way to gather that information and present it in an organized, easy-to-understand and comprehensive format. The end report is a recipe for success for your business.
Dooley & Associates is your local SEO audit leader. The process of auditing a local business’s SEO performance requires a combination of technical expertise and an understanding of the unique performance indicators that drive customers your way, regardless of the field of business you are in.The rules are constantly changing and we pride ourselves in positioning our customers to succeed despite the ever-changing SEO landscape.
After an exploratory meeting with you, at which we make sure to have a clear understanding of your goals and priorities, we will submit a proposal that will outline all of the steps required in an exhaustive SEO audit.
Most audits include a “Google My Business” page audit. This will explore how well you are doing at getting your business information on searches, maps and Google+.
We will assess if your website and landing page are most effectively optimized. Specific information, such as name, address and phone number, is required for your landing page to perform most effectively. This part of the audit will also confirm that you have the right format for listing your hours and optimal content for your meta title tag, meta descriptions and heading tags.
A citations audit will check to see that you not only have an adequate number of citations, but also that you are listed in the proper directories for your specific type of business.
Dooley & Associates SEO Audit also includes checking your links and verifying that your website activities have not resulted in penalties. We will assess whether your business is set up properly for customer reviews which can be a tool your business uses to increase customer confidence.
We will determine if your social media presence is both adequate and appropriate and will make suggestions on how these tools can be used to enhance your SEO position through the crossover potential they feature.
A valuable piece of the audit will be an assessment of the competition. Following your direction on who your main competitors are, we will explore the “what” and “where” of their efforts to position themselves in front of you. What exactly have they been doing? That will enable us to identify ways to keep you at the forefront of important search engines.
The final piece of the audit is the product we will present to you. Our report will be as comprehensive as you wish it to be and will include instructions on how to earn strong links, advice on creating strong content, specific directions on getting important and accurate citation listings and finally, a plan to elicit good reviews from happy customers.
In the end, it’s all about information.
The decisions you make relating to your marketing budget should be driven by knowing what you need and how you are going to get it. At Dooley & Associates, we perform local SEO audits that will give you confidence that your marketing investment is paying the dividends you expect and deserve.
Contact us today to learn more about how Dooley & Associates can help your business succeed.