Even if you build it, they might not come.

The biggest misconception we find people have about building a website is that once you build it, you can sit back and watch your business instantly grow. We often compare your website to your business card. Your business card is your first visual impression in-person, while your website is your first visual impression via the web. Just because you hand someone a business card doesn't mean that they're going to do business with you. Equivalently, just because someone visits your website doesn't mean the deal is already closed. There are plenty of websites and business cards out there that actually give a down right bad first impression. It's essential to carefully plan your messaging, design, perspective, quality of your marketing, and a whole slew of other things that are crucial to appeal to and reach your target audience. After reading this, if you're considering throwing away the 5,000 business cards stashed in your desk drawer or hoping no one can find your website through a Google search, you should probably give us a call.