How do you know when your brand needs a refresh?

When is the last time you took a serious look at your logo, overall company identity, brochures, social media graphics and advertisements? Do they paint an accurate picture of who you are as a company? Does everything work together to create one cohesive image? At Dooley & Associates, we have the pleasure of working with many clients who recognize their brand is the first impression to potential customers and the lasting impression for existing customers.
One of the first questions we ask any organization when it comes to your existing logo and brand is to “tell us the story behind it”. It's not a good sign when we hear things like “our engineer made it in his free time” or “we were given 10 options and liked this one the best”. Sometimes this may seem like an easy way to start in the beginning, but as your business matures, so should your brand identity.
Organizations build strong brands by delivering consistent and meaningful messages through words and imagery. Our goal for every single design we create is to showcase your promise to customers.
Below are recent examples of companies we have assisted in refreshing their overall brand to project who they are, what they do and what they stand for.

Your brand is your business and should be treated as such. Contact us today and let us help you stand out from your competition!