Introducing Facebook’s New Ad Structure

Starting September 1, Facebook is going to be rolling out an ad structure that, at first glance, has taken the service from feeling like Google AdWords to being structurally identical to AdWords.
They have yet to publicly release much information regarding the updates but there is some limited information available and some details we can take away from the released info.
Simply, it appears Facebook is creating a top-down approach that starts with defining a strategy, creating an audience, bidding on your audience, and designing the ads to run. This is different from their current structure, which allows you to bid differently per specific ads over however many ad sets you are running.
Did that last part confuse you? That’s why they are optimizing their service.
Let’s work out an example of the new structure.
First of all, you still need to select your campaign objective.
To simplify this, let’s create a campaign to bring more people to your website. Clicks would be the campaign objective.
From there, you would create an ad set to define your target audience, set a budget to bid for clicks, and, if you want, set a schedule for how you want your ads to run.
This is different from how the service previously operated. Facebook would leave a lot of the audience specifics, targeting, and budgeting dependant on the ad level. That is no longer the case. It is now defined before you create your ads.
Now you will create a number of different ads to run under this criteria, to test, and then evaluate to see which has the best quality of interaction for the price. Then you will add multiple images, links, or videos, depending on what content you want your ads to include, to best help you achieve your original objective.
Advertising for each ad set should be better positioned for exactly the audience you hope to serve.
If ad A received more clicks and satisfies your objective more than ad B, you have the option to stop running ad B (which is how the service previously ran).
With the new structure, if a campaign isn’t performing for the entire audience level, you can shut down the whole campaign with one click. This gets rid of the burden of having to hunt down each individual ad that catered to the group.
Similar to AdWords, this strategy ultimately helps you pare down your advertising to the best performing ads based on a pre-determined audience which encompasses the whole campaign. No longer will you have a number of ads under one ad set running different objectives. Facebook has simplified their service.
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