The Little Keyword That Could…

In the far off kingdom of search engine land – a place located inside a paramilitary fort, lined with endless rows of servers – exists a mass compilation of all pages publicly accessible on the internet. Amongst those pages, 231,000 pages exist that include the searchable term “lockout tagout procedures.” This is our little keyword that could.
The battle for search dominance is a competitive field. Being on the first page versus the second page of Google can mean the difference of millions of dollars. According to a recent study, less than 2% of people ever click to the second page of search results. Even more alarming, 32.5% of people click on the first result. If you consider that obscure search phrases receive thousands of searches each month, the amount of people visiting the first result versus even the second result (17.6%) can be staggering.
So when we have a client who has a meaningful keyword on the fifth page of Google, we have a problem. As our client has grown in both revenue and market share over the last several years, the interest in keyword dominance has increased. Just a year ago, only 15 keywords were truly on our radar – now we track over 100. As both our client and us have increased our knowledge on the importance of certain terms, we have worked very hard to move lockout tagout procedures from obscurity to relevance by driving meaningful traffic to their site.
Currently, the keyword just landed the number 17 spot. Clearly, we still have more work to do before we can be satisfied (even then, we have to continue to work to keep it there), but a 50+ shift within several months has been the rewarding result of strategic and consistent work.
If your company has keywords struggling to find relevance in search engine results, you should contact us. We’d love to be your keyword’s partner in the journey through search engine land.