Optimizing Search Engine Optimization

SEO’s Neverending Quest to Beat Bad Content
One of the most impressive aspects of Search Engine Optimization is how much time and effort is put into its constant evolution by the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). The algorithms have become so advanced they now practically force content creators to develop valuable and meaningful content to prospective searchers, attempting to weed out invaluable, useless, or just plain spammy content.
Google provides a page of best practices titled Webmaster Guidelines to give users a detailed list of techniques to work within the search engine’s rules. These guides include a detailed list of practices to avoid, which continues to grow as Google updates its algorithms.
The guidelines focus on website design & content, technical, and quality requirements. Each topic is broken down to spell out the exact practices to implement to make sure your website does not run afoul of Google’s servers, leading to your site lose domain authority or even be blacklisted by Google.
Assert your brand as a trusted expertThe Quality list highlights some of the content creating schemes that have been used in the past to spam users such as redirecting them to sites they didn’t actually want to go to, or adding bogus links to add PageRank before they devalued the metric. This list identifies tactics that content mills often utilize to make a quick buck, leaving clients in danger of violating Google rules down the line and damaging their digital footprint. The continual updating of the Google algorithms makes maintaining, or hiring professionals to maintain your website, an absolute must.
Website services like Moz are handy to keep up with the Google updates, so you can monitor changes that will impact your website SEO. Their tools allow users to work through content by grading pages to make sure the most important ranking factors are present. Ranking factors are the pieces of information outlined in Webmaster Guidelines, and also input into Google’s algorithms to understand value. (For readers who are interested, SEO website Backlinko.com has put together an interesting list of the most-likely rankings factors Google considers, in order of importance. This can be a handy list to reference when deciding how to create the content for your website.)
With Moz you can also find out the value of the keywords you are planning to use, how well individual pages are optimized, and find ways to link yourself to content that could be important to users on the web. Moz streamlines the work, and in a way that it is easy to understand and constantly on top of trends.
Asserting your brand as a trusted expert through content is the safest way to grow your digital footprint and assure you will not be pinged by Google. As a bonus, it adds credibility to your company and portrays what sets you apart in your industry.
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