Quit Stereotyping Social Media

“Everyone in Wisconsin is fat.”“No one in Illinois knows how to drive.”
Those stereotypes are about as silly as the stereotypes we hear about social media every day.
“Everyone on Facebook is telling you what they had for breakfast.”“Everyone on Facebook is talking about their relationship drama.”“My industry doesn’t use Facebook.”
Really? Have you checked?
The fastest growing population on Facebook is age 55+ plus. They aren’t on Facebook to talk about their boyfriends, girlfriends, or omelet preference, but they do have the biggest pocketbooks.
We were once approached by a business owner who said, “Yeah, yeah we use Facebook.” The first thing we saw when looking at his company page was an unanswered question by a potential customer from two days prior. Social media is real-time communication and can mean real-time sales. In this day and age, if you’re not answering people, they’re moving on to someone who is listening.
Another glaring mistake on this business owner’s page were inconsistent postings: a bunch of posts in March and then none until July. Okay, what happened during April, May, and June? Social media requires consistency to drive sales.
Years ago, a business wouldn’t have dreamed of not being in the newspaper. Today, you shouldn’t dream of not having your business on social media. Social media is free, but it requires time and strategy. You do not have to do it yourself; there are tools to make it simple. We actually offer social media packages, and we’re always available for a consultation on the best strategy for your business. Quit talking about the revolution and join it.