Reputation Management Matters

What Is Online Reputation Management?
With the rise and growth of the digital world, monitoring how your product or service is perceived has become extremely important.
It is not too early to start planning and budgeting for online digital management in 2015.
Online reputation is simply how your brand, product, or service is perceived online. Whether through a well-built website, an entertaining social media campaign, or the abundance of online reviews, the expanse and ease of the digital world has brought reputation past the old barometer of word-of-mouth and into a 24/7 world that acts and reacts instantaneously (fairly or unfairly).
This is the new world we live in. It is essential that we embrace and master it.
Why Does Online Reputation Matter?
Unfortunately, your online reputation is not completely in your control. The internet allows everyone who has access to a computer to have a voice...everyone.
In 2013 Forrester Research, a trusted marketing research firm, found that 46% of US adults trust consumer-written online reviews. That is almost half of the American adult population.  This means that whatever has been written about your brand online is being read and is factoring into buying decisions and opinions of you. You want to make sure it’s positive.
Services such as Yelp, Google’s reviews, and social media platforms like Facebook continue to make it easier for customer voices to be heard.
Information goes viral in seconds, not days, and would not be easy to reign in without a strong online presence.
How Can We Help You Maintain or Improve Your Reputation?
The best way to maintain your reputation is to build positive awareness and loyaltyby providing an excellent level of service or an amazing product.
Once you have that, staying proactive online is the next step to maintaining a positive online reputation. Dooley & Associates can help supplement your brand, by providing a dynamic and positive online personality for you while crafting a proactive website.
When building a website, we focus on presenting your brand in the best possible light, while giving the reader crisp, confident and accurate information. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a focused strategy to target prospective customers. Valuable information and strong content translates to keeping audiences engaged.
Blogging is an excellent way to gain trust, provide valuable information, and ultimately generate leads. We can guide you on what to write or even write it for you in an informative and captivating way.
Not only do blogs engage, they keep your site relevant and fresh, potentially bringing readers back or inviting new readers to discover you.
Our social monitoring keeps you updated on what people are saying. Embracing the positive, while dealing in a quick and helpful manner with the negative, are staples to maintaining an effective social media presence. Quickly dealing with either situation shows a level of respect to indicate to the customer or client the great experience they will receive.
Social media is never off, so you shouldn’t be either.
We also use digital analytics to monitor how well your site is performing. We can see how people are finding and interacting with the site, how many leads are being generated and where they are coming from, while also identifying areas that may be not receiving attention or what pages prospective clients are navigating away from.
An effective website is continuously being monitored and evaluated to determine how to effectively communicate your business. That approach builds trust and confidence in your brand and serves as a tool for serving existing customers and developing new prospects.  
So Where Are We Headed?
Forrester Research is predicting that by 2017, just a couple of years away, $1.8 trillion of retail sales will have been either made by online sales, or impacted by online research. This is up from $1.2 trillion in 2012.
Marketing and analytics platform, Digby, has an informative consumer survey including startling statistics such as: over 50% of US adults are smartphone owners, mobile now accounts for 12% of Americans media consumption time, and 40% of shoppers consult 3 or more channels before making a purchase.
The rise of mobile, as well as the speed that information can be disseminated, has completely disrupted the game. Staying on top of these changes is an important piece of any strategy.
Given the new digital world we are navigating through and the incredible availability of information, online reputation management should be a high priority for businesses.
Dooley & Associates will work to improve your online reputation by planning and implementing a strong, coherent and individualized strategy. Contact us for more information on how to make sure your reputation online is what it should be.