St. Joe’s is Leading the Way in Mobile Responsive Technology

Two-thirds of Americans own smartphones, and almost half of the country owns a tablet, too. You’re likely not surprised by those figures, because you’re probably reading this blog on one or the other.
For anyone operating a tablet or smartphone, visiting a website that is not responsive can be a viewing and scrolling nightmare mess. A responsively designed website automatically resizes its width to ‘respond’ to the device from which it is being viewed. It also shrinks down navigation bars if needed into a simple dropdown menu when you’re viewing from a device with a small screen.
Well-built responsive websites are the ones you don’t even realize are responsive. In other words, you open them on your phone, your tablet, or your computer, and you don’t even realize that the website developer had to build the site to ‘respond’ to whichever size screen it was to be opened with. All you know (and care about) is that you can easily access the site to get the info you need in an easy way.
St. Joseph Catholic Academy in Kenosha gave us the privilege of creating a responsive website for them in 2013. They knew they needed to accommodate a large audience of parents, students, faculty, alumni, and prospective families in their new website… all utilizing different devices to access it.
“SJCA is a one-to-one laptop school. Our students utilize technology in all classes so we know the importance of offering a responsive site to our users. Not only do our students have laptops and tablets, but we’ve also noticed the use of smartphones and tablets continues to increase among our parents as well. With parents, students, teachers and administrators having endless accessibility to multiple formats, having a responsively designed website ensures that every visitor, no matter their device, will have a great experience on our website,” said Director of Marketing, Kerry Gapinski.
Do you want your website to be easily accessible to 65% of the population (and growing)?
If so, give us a call, shoot us an email, or schedule a time to sit down with us in our bright orange office so we can get you that responsive website your organization needs to thrive in 2014 and beyond.