Study Finds Great Relationships Linked to Great Marketing

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A recent study* released just in time for Valentine's Day suggests that there is a correlation between successful relationships and marketing. Dr. Quack interviewed renowned marketing guru, EnJen McMarket, in order to identify the similarities. Below is a transcript of the interview for your reading pleasure.

Quack: What is the key to a successful relationship?

McMarket: Communication, communication, communication.

Quack: Are others jealous of your relationship?

McMarket: If they are talking about it, you must be doing something right. Word of mouth baby!

Quack: Does monogamy really work?

McMarket: There’s no loyalty required in a one night stand. The answer to that one is in the inspiration others get from those who have been together the longest.

Quack: Does love have a brand?

McMarket: Every successful relationship is created by a unique connection. The earmarks of a great relationship are to do what works for you. “Don’t they make a cute couple?” “They’re so funny.” “I wish we could be more like them.”

Quack: How do you know your partner really loves you?

McMarket: They show it every day in the things they say about you, the way they look at you and the sacrifices they make for you. Think referrals and reviews.

Quack: When is faking a headache okay?

McMarket: While it shouldn’t become a habit, sometimes refraining from intimacy can give you the space you need to refresh - any relationship can become overwhelming at times. Taking time to reflect and remind yourself what makes you special is key to long-term success.

Quack: Who wears the pants in the relationship?

McMarket: No one should wear the pants in a relationship, per se. A long-lasting relationship is built on mutually beneficial outcomes.

In conclusion, if you treat your marketing like you would a significant other, then you can expect to see positive long-term results.

*Conducted strictly for fun at Dooley & Associates.