Team Dooley's 2019 Super Bowl Picks

How do you feel after the big game? Overall, we’re feeling a bit underwhelmed.
No matter which teams take the field, at Dooley & Associates we always tune in for the commercials and halftime show. The game day advertisements are our opportunity to watch the championship of marketing for creative professionals. We can all admit that there's nothing quite like seeing five plus million dollars spent on a 30-60-second advertising spot and imagining the energy that went into the message. This year it was obvious the network had to fill a lot of unsold spots which confirmed that marketers everywhere are investing less dollars in television advertising.
Some of us just can't keep our favorites to ourselves!

Jen: Coke
"Different is beautiful" is a message that the world needs to embrace more than ever. I always appreciate how Coke weaves their iconic brand into a universal message that promotes diversity and acceptance.

John: Stella Artois
I walked out of the room during the 3rd quarter because I was equally frustrated with how boring the game was as with the dismal commercials (and a shelf in the basement had just broken and needed fixin'). Not until Monday did I do a thorough review of the commercials and found this gem. For those of you that were children of the 90's, The Dude was a cult figure: both hilarious in his indifference and heroic for his willingness to say "F#@k it" to just about anything and anyone; and Carrie Bradshaw represented a transformation in sex and gender politics, while affirming the search for love in this post-modern era. Plus, it had a cameo of the Dos Equis guy - and that's about as interesting as it gets. 

Dora: Google
Google Translate's "100 Billion Words" spot fueled my desire to travel the world, and I loved the overall message of bringing people together!

Ashleigh: Kia
Kia Telluride/"Great Unknowns" – I thought using a child to narrate was a unique twist. Engrossing narrative; I kept watching to learn more about the "unknowns" and what they build. I also liked the stark footage throughout.

Kendra: Bumble
I really appreciated the message to younger women about their own personal power and about going after their dreams. I also thought it was a clever message from Bumble, considering that is their main point on their site, that women have the power to make the first choice.

Derek: Microsoft
It was inspiring to see how technology is being used to help kids with disabilities be able to participate with their friends in activities without feeling different than them. The pride and happiness they showed just being able to enjoy being a kid without worries was touching to watch.

Mike: The Twilight Zone
I think everyone for a split second thought that their TV was error-ing out when this commercial started. When a commercial can get that type of immediate reaction, it's a rare and very entertaining moment. The concept of the Twilight Zone is very outside the box — compared to other shows — in its imaginative stories and structure which leave viewers asking questions and having a discussion afterwards. That interaction is something I think more shows should be aiming for. 
Mike's favorite contains copyrighted materials, so the link does not work, sorry! 

Bailey: Doritos
Who doesn't love a good re-boot of their favorite chip? And… the Backstreet Boys my all-time favorite chilhood boy band!!  Hearing their music takes me back to my first BSB concert 20 years ago.  I can also appreciate Chance the Rapper putting an updated twist on this Larger Than Life song and video.  Never get tired of a fun, lighthearted commercial and BSB!