Your Website is your 24/7 Top Sales Executive

Imagine your top salesperson. What qualities does that person exemplify? Is he/she warm, inviting, well-composed, knowledgeable, simple to understand, helpful, confident, and easy to buy from?

When someone visits your website, does it give off the same impression as your top salesperson? Your online presence is the key to your success both day and night, and although you might not have salespeople working 24 hours per day, your website is always selling.  There are approximately 400 million websites in the world and that number is growing every day. Over 50% of the population is under the age of 30 and the web is their number one resource for research and purchasing.
How often do you stop to evaluate your company sales? During that process do you also consider how your web presence is impacting sales? In the past many businesses considered having a webpage with their logo and contact information a sufficient presence. That is no longer the wisest method to drive new sales and it certainly doesn’t reflect what’s trending in your industry.
Again revert back to imagining your top salesperson and determine if your existing website is a reflection of those qualities. What questions is your salesperson asked day in and day out? Does your website sufficiently provide that information to visitors in an engaging manner? Why do people choose your company over your competition? Do you accurately portray your company culture and competitive advantages on your website?
As you prepare your 2013 sales plan, remember these questions and be sure to prioritize your web strategy as you would your topsalesperson.