BGC Sports Improves Local SEO with Dooley

Since 2009, the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha has partnered with Dooley & Associates to assist with ongoing marketing needs including development of the Club website, Gus the Bus campaign, 25-Year Anniversary video, search engine optimization (SEO) and many other creative marketing initiatives. Jennifer Dooley-Hogan also continues to serve on the Board of Directors and Dooley & Associates actively supports the Circle of Impact and club events.

"BGC Sports needed a lot of help in SEO. Before working with Dooley & Associates, our website was not easy to find on Google. Together we edited content, URLs and so much more, in order to be found better by search engines. Dooley & Associates taught us what factors lead to better results and set us up with reporting tools so we could track the progress. Most importantly, it's so much easier to find us now if you're a parent wanting to sign your child up for a sports team."

- Kate Kleiva, Director of Special Events & Marketing