DKI Website and Brand Continuity

In 2013, Dooley & Associates made the decision to consolidate our offices in Downtown Kenosha, because part of the strategic plan for Kenosha was to prioritize downtown development. Since then, Jen Dooley-Hogan has served on the board for Downtown Kenosha, Inc. (DKI) and we have expanded our office footprint three times in the HarborView Building.
Our dedication to downtown isn’t just based on the fact that we have our office here. Members of our team can also be spotted frequenting many of the local eateries, coffee shops, retailers and sometimes even drinking establishments (after 5 o’clock, of course). We love coming to work next to one of the midwest's finest natural resources, Lake Michigan, and that we can take a stroll to many of the amenities our downtown has to offer.
That is why when DKI determined that a new website and improved brand continuity was a priority for 2018 we were first in line to ask how we could help. We worked closely with the director and board to develop a website that would be resource rich for existing downtown businesses, as well as a tool for attracting new business and development. We also worked closely with the director to understand the pay-to-play options that would be helpful to streamline administrative efforts and be a resource to sustain the web presence of the organization. It was necessary to build functionality that allows DKI to showcase downtown businesses and be part of a comprehensive directory for visitors to easily find what they’re looking for, transportation options and upcoming events.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dooley & Associates throughout the process of recreating our website. The Dooley team was able to capture our vision and goals for Downtown Kenosha Inc. and effectively translate them into the digital world. Along with our new website, the Dooley team also helped us to refresh our organization logo as well as create a “family” of logos for our annual events that take place. Our site now not only serves as an asset to highlight our incredible lakefront downtown, family-friendly events & activities, but also as a resource and tool to our downtown property owners and business owners. Dooley & Associates attention to detail and design along with their customer-oriented experience is unparalleled. It’s been a pleasure working alongside them!”
— Nicole Thomsen, Former Executive Director
We invite you to surf on over to and explore everything Downtown Kenosha has to offer!