Dooley Assists in New Product Launch for TCGRx

TCGRx and Dooley & Associates have teamed up for many projects over the years. More recently, TCGRx planned to release the "Next Generation" of their best selling product, the ATP (Automated Tablet Packager). With the product's release being centered around an up-and-coming trade show, TCGRx reached out to Dooley & Associates to begin work on a promotional campaign in efforts to create a buzz of excitement for the event. There were a number of key elements created that ultimately led to a successful product launch.

"We have been partnering with Jennifer and her team at Dooley and Associates for several years. I have personally been working with the team for over 18 months, and we have completed more projects than I could have possibly imagined.

Most recently, we had a very large product launch that I tasked the Dooley team with. It required website changes, a "countdown" online to the product launch, printed literature and much more. Since this new product was to replace our biggest seller, we needed to make sure it was done right and launch at a specific date and time. Everything had to be completed for a trade show, where the product was being launched, so coordinating trade show graphics, getting literature printed, and timing the website change to coincide with the press release was vital. The Dooley team pulled everything off without a hitch, and customers and prospects alike commented on how exciting it was to follow the website countdown clock and see what the "Experience" campaign was all about. Everything graphically tied together. Other vendors at the show even commented on how much buzz there was around our booth and awareness of what was about to take place.

As a Marketing Director, nothing pleases me more than seeing the finished product that was completed on time, on budget and hearing first-hand that there was a direct impact from the work completed to driving business."

-Deborah Parker, TCGRx - Director of Marketing and Inside Sales

1. Promotional Email Newsletter

Bi-monthly, TCGRx sends a newsletter to their clients and potential buyers, in which they highlight different products and current events within the pharmaceutical industry. In their July edition, we used the featured story to highlight their new mystery product that would be launching at their next trade show.

2. Product Launch on Website

TCGRx's website played a major role for the launch of their newest product. As the homepage countdown marked the days/hours until the mystery product was revealed, Team Dooley was busy working behind the scenes creating new graphics, updating text and building the new product page in time for the launch.

3. RBC Tradeshow Launch

The TCGRx ATP 2 product launch centered around an unveiling at the Cardinal Health RBC trade show. Dooley & Associates designed a variety of eye-catching overhead signage and displays to draw an audience to TCG's trade show booth, along with informative displays, to highlight new features and capabilities of the product. We were pleased to learn that TCG had buyers within hours of the launch!