Dooley & Associates Produces 6 Videos for Y-Link Future 5 Awards in 10 Short Days

The idea of creating young professional awards in Kenosha has been swirling around the Y-Link board and committee meetings for a while. This year Y-Link collaborated with United Way of Kenosha County to co-host the Great Escape Party to unveil the Future 5 award winners in a large hangar at the Kenosha Regional Airport on Friday, September 19th.  
“We chose to work with Dooley & Associates on the award videos because their company is made up of young professionals who are engaged in the Kenosha community. Upon my first meeting with their team I was confident the videos would not only be a showcase of our award winners, but also a showcase of the creative talent in Kenosha,” said Brooke Infusino, Y-Link Executive Director.

Dooley & Associates is a full-service marketing firm that was established in 2008. The success and growth of the company is largely due to the boutique firm's ability to quickly adapt and implement trends to meet clients’ growing digital needs. At the foundation of Dooley & Associates' success is a talented team that is committed to providing creative strategies to grow client business. By incorporating digital strategy into every effort, our clients receive the broadest reach possible to increase their brand awareness.

Dooley & Associates was honored to be asked to produce the award winner videos and ultimately became a major sponsor of the evening. "For over a year, our crew has been creating product videos, but we saw this event as an opportunity to flex our creative muscle for the good of the Kenosha community and honor our peers paving the way for our future. We had 10 days to turn around an introduction video and the 5 award winner videos, so the unveiling of all 6 at the event was truly a celebration of hard work for the community we love," said Jennifer Dooley, principal of Dooley & Associates.

The event was a collaboration by many iconic Kenosha organizations to benefit the United Way of Kenosha County. The Kenosha Airport provided a hangar for filming and the venue for the Great Escape event. Kenosha Kingfish assistant general manager, Nick Heyerdahl, volunteered his talents for the introduction video and was the event emcee.