Dooley Creates New Website for the Village/Town of Somers!

The Village/Town of Somers approached Dooley & Associates to develop their new website because they were seeking a local company with a proven track record for building and maintaining websites. Our team worked closely with the Somers committee and communications team to develop a website that’s welcoming with an aesthetically pleasing agricultural feel, simple to navigate, well organized with searchable content and an informational hub for residents and prospective residents/developers. Some features include an alert bar at the top of the site for communicating snow emergencies and holiday waste removal schedules, as well as searchable minutes and agendas dating back to 2011.

"The Village/Town of Somers was looking to upgrade our website.  We had a vision in mind on how we wanted the site to look and feel.  Dooley & Associates took that vision and ran with it.  In the end, they delivered on everything we asked for and now the Village/Town of Somers has an excellent new tool to help communicate to our residents.  Their whole team was great and I could not speak more highly of their work."
– Jason Peters, Village/Town Administrator