Dooley Gives North Shore Trust & Savings a Website Refresh!

When a new software update meant Northshore Trust and Saving's old site would either need to be rebuilt or simply patched, we all agreed it was time for a re-fresh! The Dooley team eagerly accepted the task and several months later is now proud to introduce the brand new North Shore Trust and Savings website. Our challenge was to build a website that was modern while still focusing on the trust and tradition of North Shore Trust and Saving's brand. We delivered on that challenge with a clean and easy-to-navigate design and with messaging that focuses on the customers' needs through simple and digestible amounts of information. 

Please take a moment to visit their new site and learn why North Shore has been a pillar of northeast Illinois for over 100 years.
“As a bank, we don’t offer any products or services that every other bank doesn’t also offer. What differentiates our business is the way in which we deliver these same basic products and services. For nearly 100 years, we have thrived by actively engaging our customers and through community involvement. It is through these interactions that our personality would shine through and relationships were built. However, the challenge came when more of our current and potential customers preferred to interact online. Dooley & Associates was an invaluable partner when addressing this challenge.
Their team got to know our staff and listened to our challenges and goals. Somehow their creative team was able to translate the bank’s personality into a visually pleasing and engaging website that shares our message. The technical team was able to make access and navigation of the site more user-friendly while remaining compliant with the many rules and regulations we must follow in the financial services industry. “
— Nathan Walker, Senior Vice President