Dooley Re-Designs Kenosha Public Library Logo!

As a strong supporter of literacy and the Kenosha community, Dooley & Associates was honored to be selected to redesign Kenosha Public Library’s logo. The vibrant new logo was created to capture the attention of young and old for this cultural institution that serves as a beacon for curiosity and exploration in Kenosha. 
The Kenosha Public Library logo was featured in the Kenosha News in December 2019. Read the article here.
"When Kenosha Public Library needed to refresh our brand with a new logo we hired Dooley & Associates. Our ambitions included appealing to all ages and a varied demographic across our community. Their team was genuinely excited to work with the library; and with a cheerful attitude and clever design work presented a fresh and appealing logo to engage our patrons. We're ecstatic with the results and how well the work represented our vision and need."
– Brandi Cummings, Kenosha Public Library Communications Specialist