Modern and Easy to Use Website for St. Anthony's

The most rewarding part of our website work is educating and empowering clients to understand and feel comfortable with modern web editing technology. As we always preach, websites are "living" in that they require attention to grow. Everyone at St. Anthony's came to this project with an eagerness to learn and deliver more excellent value to their fellow parishioners. By the end of the project, we are proud to say that their team felt comfortable and ready to enrich their website well into the future.

"Building a modern and easy to use website was more difficult than we initially imagined. Thankfully, John Hogan and his team at Dooley & Associates guided us skillfully through the entire process. His suggestions for improvements to our basic ideas were excellent. Since going live last month, we have received nothing but favorable feedback from parishioners and guests alike. And even though the pandemic slowed down the project from our end, Dooley was able to deliver the project under budget. Thank you for a job well done."
— Alan M. Padlock, Pastoral Council Chairman, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church