TCGRx - AdherePac Commercial

Efficient Video Production to Accompany Efficient Pharmacy Automation
TCGRx prides itself on efficiently offering pharmacy workflow solutions. With continual innovation in pharmacy technology, TCGRx offers all pharmacies the ability to work faster, safer, and more accurately. Partnering with Dooley & Associates in 2011, TCGRx has continued to grow and was looking to take the next step. It is obvious that digital marketing is an efficient and captivating way to educate your audiences. It was time to educate the masses about how TCGRx could safely improve people’s quality of life.
Introducing Audiences to AdherePac
Do you know what adherence packaging is? We figured not … but that was the job tasked to us by TCGRx. TCGRx typically works in B2B pharmacy automation sales. But their newest product, the AdherePac, is directed to the end user, the customers. Anyone who takes a regimen of medications can benefit from this product. The challenge for us was to educate their audiences of this new packaging which makes taking medications easier, therefore keeps clients safer.

  • Fits in all TV spots and can be easily edited to a 30-second spot
  • Three levels of customization allow clients to make it their own while benefitting from a professional-grade video
  • Embraces an everyday lifestyle and allows the product to speak to the everyman while highlighting the health benefits

This project opened many doors for TCGRx. A marketing kit was built around this video to be sold to their pharmacy clients who would then distribute to their customers. This marketing kit includes literature and countertop displays. In the end, this video lead to the perfect marriage of digital and print marketing.

TCGRx had shifted their audience for this select product as they were creating a tool for their retail pharmacies to turn around and sell to their customers in their area. This commercial is designed to be customized to any retail pharmacy location. Therefore, the script was carefully constructed in a way that could be edited or remain generic. And each video receives their own customization in the closing to include their logo and contact information. TCGRx is then able to offer their customers a professional commercial at a minimal cost.

Video Needs:

  • 60-second spot for potential TV advertising
  • Customizable for any retail pharmacy, independent or chain
  • Directed to average audiences

So after two days of on-site shooting and hours of editing, the team at Dooley & Associates created a video that met all of those needs.