TCGRx - Beacon Videos

A Video Series Featuring Beacon Inventory Management System
Pharmacy inventory management is not the average YouTube video you stumble across. Our client TCGRx has designed an innovative product designed for B2B sales with pharmacies. However, TCGRx has learned from working with pharmacies for decades that no two pharmacies are the same. There are different needs, personnel, and workspace in each situation. To be scaled to fit all pharmacy’s needs, TCGRx has designed the Beacon Inventory Management System. This innovative product uses LED lights and barcode scanning to continually monitor inventory and track every pill in the pharmacy. This product benefits different pharmacies in different ways. Dooley & Associates was tasked with speaking to three different pharmacy markets.
A Pharmacy Setting Without the Pharmacy Atmosphere
TCGRx sells to pharmacies across the continent. When preliminary discussions began, the first detail to decide was where would we shoot. There are three different pharmacies with three different setups which would mean three different locations. After a smaller shoot on location last fall, we learned that our work is secondary. In a pharmacy, their work saves lives and we always do our best to stay out of the way of that. The planned high-quality video would take multiple people handling cameras, sound, and lighting in addition to the actors. It was at this point that we determined, we needed to bring the taping into a controlled environment. This was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the well-staged pharmacies in the TCGRx showroom.

Sometimes the best laid plans result in something even better. Video is an evolving medium and many variables create the end result. The process is fluid and at Dooley & Associates we know how to get the best from our people and create something even better than our clients anticipate.

We were given a large amount of space in comparison to your average pharmacy and an atmosphere we could manipulate to capture the best angles and visuals of a real-life pharmacy. With the setting in place, it was time to get started.
Video Needs:

  • Three two-minute videos combining customer testimonials, a TCGRx representative, and live action.
  • Speak to individual markets while grasping the overall benefits of the Beacon system

After two extensive days of shooting and the early stages of editing, the project transformed itself. The footage was better than the team anticipated and revealed a fourth video was in the content.

  • The Dooley team delivered four videos. In addition to speaking to three pharmacy markets, inpatient - hospitaloutpatient-hospital, and retail, an overview video was created of the Beacon which educates every market on the features of the products.
  • Working with varying levels of talent, Dooley made the best of every interview and integrated only the strongest pieces to deliver the strongest message.