TCGRx - Grane Videos

Powerful Testimonials for Powerful Products
Word of mouth is commonly known as the best form of advertising. But what do you do when your customers are spread across North America? You bring your video production team to them and document their valuable words. Our client, TCGRx, works in pharmacy automation. A market that can be very complex, but when peers talk amongst each other they speak the same language. An effective way to highlight the advantages of their products is to get actual users on camera to capture their point-of-view.
AdherePac in Long-Term Care Pharmacies
Dooley & Associates traveled to Pennsylvania to speak with Grane Pharmacy. Grane services a specific niche of the pharmacy patients, they serve long-term care patients. This environment offers its own challenges for their medication distribution. So when marketing to similar pharmacies, it is imperative to speak to the needs of their residents, nurses, pharmacists, and administrators. Grane opened up their facility to give us a close look at their workflow and environment.

  • Featured five interviews who work with the product on a daily basis, in both the skilled nursing and personal care environments
  • Showcased professional actors integrated in a real long-term care facility to highlight the product at work

These three videos created a wonderful series that could target any long-term care client, regardless of the type of pharmacy they operate. TCGRx offers solutions for any type of pharmacy. It is challenging to understand the impact of these products, so to hear about it from actual users and show it in action is the best sales tool any company can have.

In video production, crews never travel lightly. In the Grane Pharmacy, it was very clear that we were guests. Filming occurs as work is happening. The Dooley team is very aware that the video is secondary to the life-saving work that goes on daily. Dooley is very conscious to minimize the amount of people on-set to optimize the best results while occupying the least amount of space.

Video Needs:

  • 2-minute video to show on TCGRx website and at tradeshows
  • Showcase TCGRx AdherePac in Long-Term care setting, speak to both sides of LTC, skilled nursing and personal care
  • Conduct on-site interviews

After two days of extensive shooting and days behind the computer editing footage, the Dooley crew produced three high-quality videos.