Team Dooley Creates New BWISE Brand!

Dooley & Associates was referred to Eric Beach by the software developers for his app, originally called Free Market Education. After an in-depth discovery the Dooley crew recommended that the app be rebranded to BWISE, a simpler, more memorable name for consumers to quickly comprehend. A fresh color palette and owl were leveraged in the new branding to symbolize wisdom and represent the potential that the app allows for users to spread their wings and soar! 
The new branding for BWISE started with a redesign of the app, new website and brand collateral.  We look forward to the next phase of promoting the app and growing users of BWISE!

"The Dooley team was quick, competent and reasonable. They easily handled the re-branding, social media, material and IT needs of the BWISE project. They transformed BWISE into an easy to understand and market package. is ala carte education, and part of the gig-economy. BWISE is a place to offer your competencies, passions and experience to everyday people. It's a new approach to education and training. 
The team at Dooley & Associates has an amazingly deep pool of talent. Their team members were motivated, their work was quick and accurate. I look forward to our continued journey together. Life is a journey, you might as well enjoy the people you take the journey with. Share your knowledge with the world."

– Eric Beach, Founder