"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not." Pablo Picasso - The Visionary 
Don't think the irony of beginning a page on creativity with a quote from someone else isn't lost on us, but even Pablo Picasso borrowed from his predecessors (just ask Paul Cézanne). We think this is an important message, because all creativity is founded on the creativity of those that came before us. Their ideas and works act as inspiration for us.
However, born out of our appreciation is an understanding that there is forever an opportunity to re-imagine. In a world where attention is limited and media is ubiquitous, being able to stand out from the masses becomes increasingly difficult. At Dooley & Associates, we take pride in recognizing what has come before us and helping you re-think the possibilities. 
 We focus our creative endeavors in a multitude of mediums:

  • Designing business cards, brochures, flyers, and other print pieces that are more than information — they're a representation of you
  • Producing video campaigns that are, well, actually campaigns, not just video files to be left taking up hard drive space. 
  • Having a discovery phase as the foundation of your website, because we know that your company deserves more than a template. 
  • Social media management that is actually handled by creative and strategic people, not someone just re-posting industry news. 
  • Creating the essential elements of a great event: name, tag line, messaging, print collateral, website, social media… and having a lot of fun doing it. 

We are proud to say that we have handled creative projects for everyone from the entrepreneur on the rise to the well-established, multi-million dollar business. Think of us as democratizing your right to great creative talent. Small or large, our team is equipped and excited to help your organization with its next creative project.
Just don't be surprised if we happen to copy a few colors. We're pretty sure color-copying is part of the "fair use" doctrine. Hmm... we better ask legal.