"Machines take me by surprise with great frequency." Alan Turing - The Futurist 
If you can remember the last time you walked into a co-workers office and found them wrestling with their computer... well, Alan Turing would probably be grinning.
We aren't the experts of the technology itself — a great IT team is always a must — but neither was Shakespeare known for his papermaking abilities. Of course, that didn't limit his ability to re-define the capabilities of the medium. At Dooley & Associates, we see ourselves as the Shakespeare of digital content creation and publishing. 
As experts in all matters of digital media, our team is prepared to help your team navigate the digital waters. By first understanding your goals, we make educated decisions on what digital endeavors actually make sense for you. We are able to do this because our team is constantly educating themselves on the happenings of digital possibilities, and using that information to help our clients make the best decisions for their growth. 
So, let us spell out some specifics of how we manipulate 0's and 1's for your growth:

  • HTML. CSS. PHP. These initialisms (yup, that's a word) are the building blocks of a website, and we're your master mason. 
  • Managing social media to us is more than just posting funny articles; it is about an integrated approach to your marketing strategy. 
  • As search engine inquiries are the first tool people use to make purchasing decisions, we know exactly how to make sure you are found
  • Your website isn't being accessed only on a desktop any more. In fact, 40% of web usage originates on a mobile device — which is why we only build mobile responsive websites
  • Interested in re-targeting web users that have already been to your site? We know how to advertise directly to them. 
  • Search engines love to display local businesses. Our team can ensure that you are showing when you should be. 
  • Publishing unique and new content is a must today. Let our team keep your blog updated with SEO-friendly content. 

According to Moore's Law, the rate of computer processing power is exponential. Year after year, the ability of computers to process data will only increase. Our duty is to harness this power for your growth. 
Our determination and commitment to making digital media work for you will mean that your company was able to anticipate and grow while your competition is scrambling to catch up.